Patrick Foley - 2000 Toyota Corolla E11

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This is the place to read about the individual car stories that make the Irish car scene what it is. Our first car comes from Killorglin, County Kerry. The classic, Toyota Corolla.

The Toyota Corolla is a stalwart of the Irish car scene, the entry level car for so many enthusiasts. The Corolla's popularity is down to its simplicity, easily modified and easily insured. These cars can be made to look stunning with the right modifications, and it doesn't have to cost a whole lot either. The E11 hatchback is one of the most stylish models in the series, and the go-to option for new drivers. The most popular option comes with 1.4 VVTI engine as standard.

One of the neatest E11s I've seen on these roads belongs to Kerryman Patrick Foley.

Patrick bought his Corolla 18 months ago and in that time has transformed it into one of the best looking E11s in Munster. The good looks stem from the simplistic design, rather than slapping on a massive widebody kit and huge spoiler, Patrick's Corolla design enhances the "natural" looks of the car. A window tint, new spotlights, roof spoiler and front splitter give the car a more streamlined, sporty look. While the superlite rims and carbon wrapped eyelids add a little bit of grunt and muscle that really make this car stand out from the rest.

With these cars, it can be easy to get carried away with mods. There are hundreds of parts and accessories available for these. When it comes to Corollas, less is more, and Patrick's is one of the prime examples of this. Everything flows from the original lines and is almost what you would expect if Toyota made a sport version.

Of course, as any car enthusiast knows, the job is never complete. There are always parts to be bought, replaced, upgraded etc. Even now Patrick is still adding here and there, a few minor modifications to the interior (gear knobs and the like) and he now has a new set of rims (less brute, more sporty) to fit. That's not to count the enormous effort he puts into keeping it as clean as it is. I don't think this car has ever been seen looking less than immaculate. 

It's easy to see the care with which Patrick looks after his car. There is a lot of passion for cars in Ireland and this is something you will see in every one of these articles. Car enthusiasts often get a bad name from the general public. We get referred to as Boy Racers, Scum, Lowlife to name but a few that have been thrown out there. What people don't see is the passion, care and raw talent that exists in this sub-culture with people like Patrick. 

The car scene is only getting bigger in Ireland and more people like Patrick are putting such effort and work into their cars. We have some amazing cars lined up to show you, so please like us on Facebook to keep up-to-date. If you know anyone with a car worth writing about, get them to send it in to us on Facebook.

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