National Demonstration Against the Rising Cost of Insurance

As you will all know, the cost of car insurance has risen drastically over the last couple of years. we have finally reached breaking point and now is the time to act. The issue has been debated in Dáil Éireann on a number of occasions, but, to date there has been no political intervention. This is is typical of a government which has allowed corporate greed to screw over the people of Ireland time and again. a recent report in the Irish Times stated that insurance companies have admitted to hiking prices to become more profitable rather than as a response to the issue of insurance fraud or excessive claims payouts.

In response to this, we feel it is only right that the people most affected by this voice their anger. It is time for the young drivers of Ireland to stand together and push back against this injustice!

On the 2nd of July, we plan to hold a major demonstration in Dublin. We need cars from all over the country to convene in Dublin on this day. We need local volunteers in as many counties as possible to set up meeting points so that drivers can join in a convoy to Dublin. Together we can make this the largest demonstration the country has seen in recent times, we will take over every major route into the Capital and drive to the gates of the Dáil where they will hear our voices. On July 2nd, we will undertake the largest cruise this country has ever seen. Thousands of cars, thousands of voices all united against our oppressors! Join the fight, on July 2nd we go to war (well not exactly but you get the picture).

To become the local organiser for your area. Send us a message on Facebook.

We ask you to write to your local TD's to ask their support for this. Join the event on Facebook and share this far and wide.
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