Let's Talk About Slow Drivers

This has to be the single most frustrating aspect of driving, not just in Ireland, but anywhere. You're tipping along nicely at 100km/h, round the next bend and get stuck behind someone doing 50km/h with no opportunity to pass. It's not too bad if this person has the consideration to pull in and let you (and the 50 or so cars building up behind you) pass, or if you can overtake. But 99% of the time, they are going to trundle along with no consideration for the increasingly frustrated drivers behind them.

Now, most people will say be patient and don't rush. But is that really possible when you're trying to get to work in the morning, or get to the airport or how may other appointments. It's already being acknowledged by authorities in North Carolina that slow drivers are a danger to other road users. People don't think straight when frustrated or upset, they will make rash decisions which could end up causing accidents. It's far too simplistic to say people should stay patient and sit in traffic behind them and I can't understand why it's not something that has never been seriously addressed by a transport minister.

If you possess a full driving licence, there is no reason you can't drive at (or just below) the posted speed limit. Fair enough if you're a learner (or rental cars I suppose), but other then that...MOVE YOUR ASS!

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