Ireland Underground Condemns Latest Insurance Levy

Despite assurances that it is working towards stabilising and reducing the cost of insurance for embattled Motorists, it has been reported today that the Government is set to introduce another 2% levy on top of premiums.

The levy, a response to the collapse of Setanta Insurance, is set to last for 7 years. This is yet another example of the governments lack of consideration for cash-strapped motorists who have been burdened with ever increasing costs for a number of years now. After progress implementing the recommendations of the cost of insurance working group ground to a halt, it seems as if this latest decision signals a complete about-turn in the governments efforts to alleviate some of the financial strain on all categories of motorist.

Ireland Underground condemns this decision in the strongest possible terms. It is an inconsiderate move by the government to force motorists to pick up the tab for the mistakes of a private business and those who regulate the insurance market.

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